About me - Jonathan Turner

But who is The man behind getstats.org.uk?

My name is Jonathan Turner. I am 22 years old, born and brought up in Devonshire, United Kingdom. Currently, I am a student at Imperial College London where I am desperately endeavouring, through exotic dark magic, to complete my PhD in Statistics. I cannot say correctly as to when I, or my parents, realized my love for numbers and applications on society. I am always told stories of how I would sit glued to the television, or keep reading books, about facts and stats that I would then recite randomly to anyone who would listen. I have always had a good memory and a certain way with numbers that fascinated my primary school teachers to no extent.

Statistic means a lot for me

My love for statistics continued to grow, not diminish, as I grew older. Many people told me how hard it usually is to get anywhere in such a challenging and unorthodox field, how I would do better being an engineer, but I am proud to say that my parents never pressured me into doing something I didn’t have an interest for or aptitude in. I used to attend local conferences with my dad as a kid, and though truthfully, neither he nor I understood much of what was going, I knew that I wanted to try and find out. When I got home, I would pull out my books and power up my computer, running the newer words through Google search engine. I would read page after page of almost the same stuff, believing that it was expected of me to know everything about this strange field I wanted to excel in. Though no one frustrated me into becoming an expert before I even knew the basics, I knew the most important person to whom I had to prove the validity of my decision was my myself and myself alone.

Using statistic in everyday life

Sometimes I used to save money to busy business and economic pamphlets, a practice quite unlike any other fifteen-year-old and something my classmates made sure they reminded me of on a daily basis. A lot of reading in dim light had made my eyesight weak, which resulted in dorky glasses along with the constant book or magazine under my arm. The library was my regular haunt, and most teachers were my friends and supporter—the librarian, Mrs William, most of all—and I was the complete package for any bully that might like to have some fun. I confess that it wasn’t rare for me to come home with unexplainable wounds and wet hair, but I survived that period of my life with strong resolve—barring one or two terrible phases—and can now say that I am happy with my position in life and am where I should be.