Sport Betting and Gambling Statistics

Gambling is and has always been an addictive sport for humankind. From times immemorial, great men and small, all have had a weakness for captivating games of luck that conjure or vanish money before their very eyes.

Total Number of Gamblers

According to the gambling rates study, around 1.6 billion adventurous people gamble during any given year, with 4.2 billion having gambled at one time or another. Amongst the countries where gambling is most popular, be it of any kind—lotteries, sports betting or even horse racing— Great Britain takes first place, with the highest percentage of worldwide players under the age of 21. The total population of gamblers in the country is around 65%. Australians aren’t far behind in this regard, with gambling losses per adult resident being around $990 in 2016, which is the highest in the world. China and Macau, though under a ban on land-based and online casinos, produce a significant gambling income of more than 50 billion dollars and expanding through state lotteries, sports betting and Mahjong.

Total Number of Gamblers in UK Stats

Personal Gambling Loses

In terms of gambling losses, the United States holds the top spot as of 2016, with around 115 billion dollar worth of deficits. When per head revenue is considered, Macau comes comfortably on the top with around $1354. Macau’s tourist business has been struggling in recent years, but visitors ensure that the former colony still remains on top.

Personal Money Lost Stats Source UK Gambling Commission

Money Wagared on Sports

According to the American Gaming Association, about 150 billion dollars are wagered on sports every year in the United States, of which more of the cash comes through illegal channels. Traditional sports betting finds a legal haven only in the state of Nevada, where bettors wager around 4.5 billion dollars per year. Sports betting had gradually found approval in the country since a quarter century ago when 56 percent of Americans condemned the practice, and a federal law went into effect banning it. Now, a 55 percent majority of Americans are in favour of legalizing betting on pro sporting events.

Most Wagared Sports

Of all the sports punters bet on, Soccer or football is the absolute favourite amongst sports bettors. The game has a fan base of over 3 billion in total, from which 250 million take active and regular part in betting on the sport. Cricket, as in most senses, comes second only to football in popularity as well as in gambling status, though it has gathered a pretty significant chunk of the market to itself. GamblingCompliance estimates that sports betting will bring in about $1 billion this year, followed by between $2 billion and $6 billion per year five years from now. Comparatively, traditions casinos bring in around $40 billion.

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